Whether you offer group classes or private sessions, here are 3 simple steps to feel confident, creative and connected to your students.
Fall in love with teaching online!
10 pages of cueing tips and tricks to help you with online teaching!
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Do you...
  • Feel uncomfortable and clunky teaching online, whether it's a group class or private session?
  • Miss tactile cueing and hands on adjustments?
  • Feel like your teaching script isn't working now that you aren't in the same room with your students?
  • Wish you could feel like you're teaching rather than leading a class?
  • Get uncomfortable with the technology when you teach your class or private session?
This is for you if...
  • You're ready to take charge of your online teaching
  • You want to be clear and consistent in your cueing
  • You want to explore nuanced language that will up level your teaching right now
 I need my 3 top tips now!
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How can you make your online teaching feel clear?
  • Help your students use their own hands to orient themselves in space (unless you've figured out how to reach through the screen. in which case call me!)
  • Use all 4 categories of cues (don't worry, I'll tell you what they are) to find the communication style that best suits you and your clients. Being true to your own style is really important!
  • Not so comfortable with imagery-based cues? I've got a bunch of examples for you.
  • I get it, managing the tech can be off-putting. I'll tell you my favourite ways to make friends with the camera.
I love teaching, connecting with my clients and finding the cues that resonate with them. 

Even when we're online! 

 I love finding ways to help other teachers feel the confidence that comes with finding words that ring true, that reflect their authentic teaching selves. 3 simple steps to hone your cueing skills and you can do it too!
"Alison has a gift for being able to communicate an understanding of how my body works in a clear, accessible way, which allows me to continue using the exercises on my own outside class without injury as well. Her ability to describe and cue the precise movements to the class, make adjustments to our form, and encourage us no matter what level a student is working at, even though we aren’t in the same room with her, is exceptional."
~Lisa D.
Meet Alison Crouch!

Alison has been teaching Pilates and movement for almost 20 years. A dedicated Pilates instructor with an eye for detail, she enhanced her skills and understanding of bio mechanics and functional alignment during her certification as a Restorative Exercise Specialist with Katy Bowman and the Nutritious Movement Institute.

Alison is fascinated by how bodies work and has taken part in two fascial dissections with Tom Myers of Anatomy Trains. Her experiences have added nuance and detail to her understanding of how truly it's all connected!

Alison has an approach to movement and health that includes exercise-specific movement, natural everyday movement, somatic body and brain exploration and a deep conviction that how our brains and bodies get together makes all the difference to how we feel. Combining functional, exploratory details and alignment with fluid, intuitive movement and an emphasis on acceptance and fun leads to sustainable change that helps you feel better for life!
Do you teach group classes?
Some students need a little extra help figuring out how to move their bodies when you aren't there in person to demonstrate or direct their movements.

I have a whole list of cueing options for you to use to help them be successful and feel just as supported as when tactile cueing was possible. 

Modify them however you want to reflect your authentic teaching voice: it's your own personal tone that resonates best with your clients!
Do you teach privates?
My simple, straightforward ways to use the tech make your sessions feel more connected and intimate. You make the most of your time online and keep your clients engaged, committed and coming back for more!
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